Night Mood

My most recent business trip tortured me for 9.5 days. From Beijing to Xiamen, to Zhengzhou, before I managed to board the flight back to Beijing.
For the first time I was forced to do the G2 installation on a totally new TEM. Fortunately, the whole trip was still manageable. Although there was a small bug from the software, I could consider lucky for having no big problem from the packaging, the installation, the test, and overall performance. The only thing kept me down for a while was my conflict with a stupid engineer from partner company. Fools are everywhere, but Beijing has more than other places.
Sitting exhaustedly in the taxi from Beijing airport, thinking about the fact that I am gonna live in solitude in my apartment. Alone, again, what is the difference between traveling and not? Actually, no…
More often I re-considered the decision of stationing in Beijing recently. It took a great many away from my life. Did I gain anything out of it? Working experiences? Skills? Friends? Widening the stupid horizon? or brighter prospects in my career? I truely doubt. The most ‘impressive’ lesson I had here, in the holy capital city of great China, was how ugly the human being can be when we start losing the basic morality. Oh yup, also how fucking bad the traffic can be.
Tomorrow, Hamster is going to throw the ‘letter’. All the best to him. Honestly, I thought he is going to spend the rest of his life in SSMC. Must be my departure that became his last straw. Hamster, it’s not easy for you, I understand. May the force be with you!
Only Vaness’s plan is unclear now. One thing is sure, Hamster’s resignation will definitely expedite her decision making. Kevin, Hamster, Vanessa, Gnaix, Stanley, Sook Khim, we had such a perfect team two years ago, soon there will be no one left.
Farewell, my old defectivity.

Defect Outing

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