(The article below may contain poisonous contents. Reader discretion is required)
Previously from “再来一支吧”, Gnaix announced his nth headphone will be the mighty Form 2 by Bang & Olufsen. Today it’s been a week, and here comes the review of this pretty. In a nutshell: Balancing the sound, design, craftsmanship and price, this is definitely the model all headfi fans shouldn’t miss!
To me, there is 1 rule of thumb in the headphone selection, the threshold of S$ 150. Below S$ 150, what you get is often the so called street-style (or consumer) products. Their design can be quite fancy and bass sometimes is very loud for the new-bees. Yet the excitement hardly last long, and you will seldom get the true acoustic sound out of them. Once you cross the S$ 150 line, a new world welcomes you. The new Form 2 proved it again. With the price of S$ 152, it offers the highest quality sound I can possibly expect from this sort of compact products. Well, the price I paid was due to the low ex-change rate of US-Sin dollar. For those who wants to get it locally, prepare 50 bucks more.
First impression, SLIM. The pictures from Bang & Olufsen are misleading in the way that you might think the actual product is quite bulky. No, it is not! I can hardly feel its weight on my head (I still recall the agonizing neckpain after wearing HD580 for more than 2 hours). The adjustable aluminum band makes it very comfortable to find the right size. Having the volume well maintained below the healthy level, you should be able to enjoy the music as long as you wish.
In order to boost the sales, Bang & Olufsen propagandize Form 2 with iPod, same strategy as what they are doing with A8. However, with its 30 ohms impedience, what you get from Form 2 with your little iPod is the so called suppressed sound. Increasing the volume does little to improve the quality further. If you haven’t expericed the best of Form 2 (on a proper CD player), you probably will be pretty satisfactory with the iPod-Form 2 combination. I experimented the same song on a HP laptop, due to the larger drive force provided from laptop audio out, It’s much better. Smooth, natural, relaxing, like summer breeze gently blow on the face (or the ears), just simply musical. I am not going to judge how fast Form 2 can respond and how many new details it presents from the same tracks that I has listened to many many times. If a headphone makes you enjoy the music in a totally new way, that’s enough.
One last point to make, Form 2 is not the ‘semi open’ headphone as how it is claimed by Bang & Olufsen. It is FULL open, which means you will tend to increase the volume when in a noisy environment. So, always remember to protect your hearing.
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