Teaching Evaluation

If the only purpose of an evaluation (or feedback) system is to reward the best, it is pretty useless to me. but this is what NTU teaching evaluation system is designed to do.

After every term, I received the school request to fill in the evaluation form for each and every professor happen to teach me in the previous trimester. And I tell you, IT IS AN IRRITATING PROCESS! I couldn’t choose to ignore the request since it would keep coming back to me unless I complete everything (definitely one drawback of IT automation). But this is not the worst.

In Engineering, a “feedback” process is defined as a Loop, which means the one who provides input will receive the results, and ultimately benefits from the system. But NTU has a different set of definition for we never get to see the results, except on who gets best teacher awards.

Our MBA cohorts actually requested to know the results – not going to happen (Why I am not surprised).

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