Now It’s Better Than Perfect

I am not going to convince anyone here. For me, just for me, Mac OS is far more superior than Windows. I never need to worry about drivers, software versions, updates. Everything is taken care of by itself. It is stable, intuitive, and amazing battery life.

But it could be better.

What’s missing, again I am speaking for myself, is the compatibility to some of the P2P software. But I really don’t want to run dual OS on my Mac. Disk space is one thing, preferring to keep my mac clean and simple is another reason.

Then, Eric recommended me the Virtualbox, an open source virtualization tool that allows foreign OS to run as a software. The fundamental difference between virtualization and dual OS is the actual interaction between OS and hardware. In Virtualbox, OS is virtually created and is separated from the underlying hardware. What’s good about it? Simplicity (no drivers for new OS for example!), Stability (reduce system conflicts) and concurrent operation (since your virtual OS is just another software on top of host OS).

That could basically summarize the benefits that Virtualbox has to offer. Installation process is surprisingly pleasant. In fact, much easier than installing one copy of windows because I don’t need worry about all the drivers. It also allows the Windows to run in full screen mode, which offers me a total Windows experience. With the Shared Folder feature, I am able to effortlessly share files between Windows and Mac.

Never would I have the concern of memory overflow because I can decide the max memory assigned to virtual Windows. Virtualbox supports more than one virtual OS on host machines, which means I have can even try Linux when I am getting bored.

The only drawback is the considerable heating of my Mac. But it’s totally expected. for those who are interested in Virtualbox.

A short video on virtualization technology, which reminds me my days in SAP. By the way, the biggest benefits of virtualization for business is the reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Instead of buying racks of hardware for various applications, you can managed it with fewer servers with the help of virtualisation.

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