Zelda Spirit Tracks Completed!

I started playing this Nintendo DS game before commencing my last job in January this year. Didn’t touch DS for the entire 3 months because I was a bit depressed by the work (the people actually).


The week earlier I picked it up again to continue where I left. Like its sister title Phantom Hourglass (which I completed last year while hunting for job), this game can only be played with stylus. At the beginning, I thought the gameplay would be very similar to that of Hourglass, perhaps Nintendo only changed from navigating a steamboat to a steam locomotive. But soon I realised that I have once again underestimated Nintendo’s ability to innovate.

I didn’t bother to collect all train parts and rabbits to make it a perfect completion. I guess it doesn’t matter so much to a middle age man like me, as long as I slayed the final boss I am happy. 😛

All in all, a good to try game on DS. If it was the first Zelda game I played on DS, I would definitely be overwhelmed.

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