Chinatown Wars DS Completed!

When I first saw the poster advertisement of Chinatown Wars DS, I still owned a PSP and living in Bedok. I wasn’t optimistic at all about the graphic effects of GTA on DS system. It turned out that I was right, the visual effect is not impressive at all. But I was wrong also, it is not about visual effect, it is about the gameplay.

I would rate this game the best I’ve ever played on DS – 5 out of 5. It is extremely fun to play, and the level of excitement remains throughout my 15 hours of gameplay. I guess the reasons are twofold. One is of course what we can expect from every GTA title – the intensive chasing and fighting in every mission. The two screen setup on DS undoubtedly push the experience to a new high level. Second, it’s the engaging and less-childish story line. This is not a game for kids, and I think no parents should allow their kids to play it. It would be simply too much for them.

On my PSP system, I have completed “Liberty City Story” and “Vice City Story”. I seriously think they can’t beat “Chinatown Wars” on DS.

Youtube review from Gamesweasel

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