NEX-7 Added To My Wishlist!

Sony has just announced couple of new products in its camera portfolio: DSLR, NEX, A-/E-Mount Lenses and Adapters. What interests me the most is the new member of NEX family: NEX-7.

It still shares the same look as the older NEXs yet the newly added viewfinders, built-in flash and 2-dial design stand it out to be the unquestionable flagship product in NEX series. Sony is also planning to launch a Carl Zeiss E-Mount Lens which comes with a 1,000 USD price tag, simply elegant and sexy!

Now I’ve got 3 candidates to consider for my next camera:

  • An entry level Canon DSLR for better image quality and wider range of lenses selections, relatively bulkier and heavier though.
  • Olympus E-P(L)3: style and compact design, but the sensor is a bit small for low-light conditions
  • Sony NEX-7 : all-in compact design & option to own a Carl Zeiss lenses…
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