2016.04.20 EEG and EEG 2.0


这样一个复杂的法案当然不是一蹴而就的,从2000年开始实施,小的调整和修改就不提了(其实我也数不出来)。最近调整最大的莫过于2014年的一次,行业人称EEG 2.0。


Feed-in Tariff a fixed price per kilowatt-hour Feed-in Tariff, which decreased annually for new installations.


direct marketing for new producers to sell their electricity at exchange plus a fixed market premium determined each month retrospectively for that technology. Existing and very small (under 100 kW) are exempt.


Growth Corridor ‘floating cap’ for PV, beyond which the feed-in fees for newly added arrays would be gradually reduced. Since 2012, it was 2.5 to 3.5 gigawatt per year, and reduction of feed-in remuneration from 24.43 cents to 19.5 cents per kWh.


annual ‘floating caps’ for Wind, Solar and Biogas.
– 2.4 to 2.6 GW for PV with a absolute cap of 52 GW, above which no EEG funding will be given.
– 2.6 to 2.6 GW for Wind onshore but excluding repowering (replacing old turbines at the same site)
– 0.1 GW for Biomass plants, and only plants operate with biowaste and liquid manure will receive more than the basic remuneration.更加细化再生能源发展的规划,但怎么看都觉得对风电更有利
Surcharge Exemption – Energy intensive industries for competitiveness
– self-supplied, etc
some updates were made but not changing the principle.


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