2016.06.08 Beyond: Two Souls

From what I read online, there are more gamers who prefer Heavy Rain to Beyond: Two Souls. I played Heavy Rain first, to be honest I found it quite dull. The novelty of its gameplay that interested me at the beginning quickly faded after 1 or 2 hours into the game, left me with a plain story and its clumsy control – sometimes I do believe that Quantic Dream had made the button pressing trick unnecessarily difficult for no good reason. Heavy Rain’s graphic and motion capture are good, but not astonishingly good.

For these reasons, I was a bit skeptical before playing Beyond: Two Souls. If it wasn’t a free game from my PS Plus membership, I probably will never play it. Thank PS Plus for making it free! In the end, I complete the game (with one ending) in just 4 days, an unusually fast pace for my standard, all because it is such a perfect game!


Quantic Dream obviously learnt a great deal from Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls graphics is hugely improved, all these details really made me feel that I was watching a movie (I seriously don’t understand why some gamers think Heavy Rain’s graphics is better). The story is more attractive and has been told in a more cinematic manner. And I definitely prefer the less challenging but more intuitive control more than that from Heavy Rain. Point 4, Ellen Page is awesome!

I am convinced that Beyond: Two Souls deserves my 5 out of 5 game score.

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