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GNAIX 的巢穴的第三次重新开张,专门写点短的日常记录 – Day In Day Out

I have lost count how many times I told myself to keep blogging here and ended up deserting it right after a few blogs. Perhaps my life has become more homogenous(-ly boring), or perhaps there had been more distractions out there (take Facebook or Weibo for two obvious examples), or I had unrealistically high expectations on the words I put down here. No matter what the reasons were, I found it was really difficult to write something.

But still, I want to blog, I want to record my life, and this is my latest attempt.

To show my determination, I deleted Facebook, Weibo and LinkedIn Apps from my iPhone. They are after all non-sense stuff in life, even more non-sense than some of my non-sense blog entries. If that’s no enough, I also told myself my blog doesn’t need to be a thousand words essay. A few short sentences on my random thoughts, the book I read, or even the lovely breakfast I had would be adequate.

and I decided to call it, these trivial stuff in my life, the “Day in Day Out“.

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