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2017.08.16 McDonald’s Broke My Heart

Malcolm Gladwell 最新一集的 Revisionist History: McDonald’s Broke My Heart 说的是为何麦当劳的炸薯条今非昔比,吓的我立即马上分分钟不能等跑到麦当劳点了份薯条压压惊。Revisionist History Podcast 今年已是第二季,水准虽比去年有点点下降,但还是值得推荐。


冷知识二则:截屏里的 Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History 是神作,免费的神作!


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2017.08.15 Sapiens

It is rather rare to come across a book that is educational and interesting to read at the same time. Some focused on laying down a great deal of facts, but failed to or didn’t bother to connect the dots; and some couldn’t seem to get even the fact right (no, I am not talking about most of the self-enrichment books).

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari is a rather rare book.

With more than 400 pages, it did not attempt to offer much that I didn’t know. Instead, the author spent most of efforts in rationalising why history of humankind progressed the way it did. In other words, connecting the dots and forming insights.

Though the title writes “history”, it is not quite a history book. Quite often, I found myself contemplating life and the choices I made in my life while reading it. It made me think about myself and for myself. How many history books, or books in general, do that?

It is rare also in the sense that the author values objectivity higher than political correctness. He questions things that we’ve all been taught positively, agriculture revolution and individualism for example, and “praises” capitalism for uniting the world. The unconventional ideas do not make the book weird, they make it insightful.

I recommend this book to all, not only to know our own story, but as a member of the master species of this planet, “Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want?”

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2017.06.27 Auf Wiedersehen



“… no clear strategy, nor commitment to whatever shortlived ‘strategies’; making decent products is clearly not the top priority.”



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2017.06.12 David Copperfield (not the Magician)


刚开始还真有点不适应两百年前的英语,感觉有点像读惯了白话网络文学的中文读者回头去啃晚清小说,虽然语言类似但总是有那么一点点不自然。两百年的时间里某些单词的含义也经历了明显的变化,印象最深的便是 ”gay” 和 “want”。

狄更斯经常使用 “gay” 来形容心情高兴,这层意思在现代英语几乎完全消失。We had a gay old time down at the dance hall.

而 “want” 在大卫科波菲尔里更多有“缺乏”和“需要”的意思,而非“想要”。比如,For want of anything better to do I read newspaper for a while.



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2017.05.24 北台湾十日





  • 第一日,蒋介石纪念馆。可以看看卫兵换岗,当日太热。
  • 第二日,台北故宫博物院。非常不错,管理的很有国际水平,我还能在这儿待一整天。
  • 第三日,九份。台湾的Pocitano。
  • 第四日,北投和淡水。其他的没什么印象,但离北投车站不远的豆花真的好好吃好好吃啊。
  • 第五日,西门町,永康街,101。吃吃吃,吃吃吃,101没意思。
  • 第六日,莺歌。九份安达窑的店员介绍的地方,台湾陶瓷重镇,我差点剁手个江玗的汝窑杯。
  • 第七日,国父纪念馆,台北信义。听我一句劝,如果你那位是买买买类型的,就不要来信义了。
  • 第八日,忠孝敦化。很不巧,台北当天暴雨了,不然这边的小巷小店逛起来应该挺有意思的。


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2017.05.04 Life is Strange

Recent years have seen the release of a number of so called ‘interactive film’ games, in which gamer’s decisions affect the outcome of the gameplay.

My first game in this genre was ‘Heavy Rain’ back in 2015. It was quite a novel experience to me, but somehow it lacked the excitement of a conventional video game (allow me to label it this way for the lack of better term).

The second game, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, produced by the same company Sony Entertainment, offered noticeable improvements in pretty much all aspects, especially the story-telling, though I would say it is still not a must-try.

My third game ‘Life is Strange’ by Square Enix takes the genre to a whole new level. I just completed it last night and my oh my… It is fantastic! The story is so well scripted, cinematics perfectly executed (by the gaming standard), and controlling well calibrated that I actually don’t mind to give it a second play through. I was able to enjoy it a lot more than the aforementioned 2 games because LiS somehow gave me the feeling that I was free to make decision, any decision, without needing to worry about potentially messing up the ‘true ending’. This level of freedom, in my hindsight, could only be the result of the pursuit of quality in every aspects of game design and production.

The only complaint, the conversation near the end of the game can be necessarily tedious. For this reason, I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

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2017.04.26 Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Singapore


于是老婆推荐了 Lam Yeo Coffee Powder (南洋咖啡粉店)。


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