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2018.01.18 Nintendo Labo


(credit: Nintendo)





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2017.12.31 the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

当微信朋友圈被18岁照片刷屏时,我在小黑屋里通关了Majora’s Mask,也算是重活了一回18岁。

Majora’s Mask 最初于2000年发售在N64上,我玩的3DS欧版都不知道是第几次复刻了。但这些都不重要,只需要知道这是老任第一方出品的3A大作,随便玩,绝不会是坑。特别是塞尔达系列,在我玩过的6作中,除了一部因为德语的缘故影响流畅度被我打了一个4分,其他的都是满分。

Zelda Rating

Majora’s Mask 和“主流”塞尔达还有那么一点不一样,游戏方式尤其独特,在开始的一段时间很难上手。渐渐熟悉后又被隐晦的剧情(特别是某些支线)搞得很摸不着头脑。迷宫的设计也可以算作我玩过6作里面难度最大的。严重不建议12岁以下的小朋友尝试该作。


(Left Image Credit: Nintendo)

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2017.10.14 Zone of the Enders HD Collections

The autumn smog of Chengdu has been visibly bad recently so I had plenty of time to clear my game collection. It was Luigi’s Mansion 2 last week, and this week I finally beat Zone of the Enders 1 and 2.


I am a big fan of Kojima, but I have to say 1 was a bit disappointing. Though the concept is unquestionably original at its time, the weak storyline and repetitive stages made it unattractive shortly after the game started. ZoE 2 (Second Runner) improved significantly on both aspects. With gameplay and controling matching its definition of “High Speed Robot Action Game”, 2 almost met my full mark standard if not for its level of difficulty. It is tough, too tough.

I don’t recall any boss fight throughout the entire ZoE 2 gameplay that I managed to beat at first attempt, and 5 to 6 retries for stages near the end were very common. Online walkthroughs were essentially useless because they basically just tell you to beat it. A fair amount of challenge is welcome, but too much would ruin the experience. Probably the only 2 games I remember that were “worse” were Biohazard: Revelation and MGS: Revengeance (seems it’s a habit for Kojima to torture his fans).

2 advices for the gamers. 1), if you have a history of throwing your controller or bashing your head to the wall, you probably should not try it. 2), no matter how frustrated you are, SAVE THE Game before hitting the “EXIT” button, the game does not have an auto save function, I learnt it the hard way, twice.


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2017.10.05 Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon





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2017.09.25 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

某前同事是这样评论这款游戏游戏的, “You can tell it’s not as perfect as the games developed by Nintendo. But still, it is a must-play for 3DS.” 也只有在自己亲身体验后,才体会到他指得不完美是什么意思。没有对比就没有伤害,任天堂第一方也忒强大了。



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2017.09.12 DQ IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies


DQ IX 最为 Square Enix 2009年在任天堂 DS 上发布的掌机独占游戏,当时引入的 Local Multiplayer 功能现在根本找不到小伙伴们来一起感受,内置的 WEP Wi-Fi 模式也少有路由器能支持。不过这也不全是坏事,至少给了我一个充分合理的理由不去刷刷刷了。

去年半年间一口气过了天空三部曲,今年这一部光是主线就用了我60多个小时。画面(以掌机效果来说)真心精致,剧情延续 DQ 一贯的简单的风格,时不时的还会被小感动到。值得推荐。


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2017.05.04 Life is Strange

Recent years have seen the release of a number of so called ‘interactive film’ games, in which gamer’s decisions affect the outcome of the gameplay.

My first game in this genre was ‘Heavy Rain’ back in 2015. It was quite a novel experience to me, but somehow it lacked the excitement of a conventional video game (allow me to label it this way for the lack of better term).

The second game, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, produced by the same company Sony Entertainment, offered noticeable improvements in pretty much all aspects, especially the story-telling, though I would say it is still not a must-try.

My third game ‘Life is Strange’ by Square Enix takes the genre to a whole new level. I just completed it last night and my oh my… It is fantastic! The story is so well scripted, cinematics perfectly executed (by the gaming standard), and controlling well calibrated that I actually don’t mind to give it a second play through. I was able to enjoy it a lot more than the aforementioned 2 games because LiS somehow gave me the feeling that I was free to make decision, any decision, without needing to worry about potentially messing up the ‘true ending’. This level of freedom, in my hindsight, could only be the result of the pursuit of quality in every aspects of game design and production.

The only complaint, the conversation near the end of the game can be necessarily tedious. For this reason, I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

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