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2016.12.26 MZ-E25

At first, I didn’t plan to buy a pure playback ‘E’ player, thinking a recordable ‘flagship’ is more than enough for a light MD user like myself. The R90 is indeed quite a perfect device by design, unfortunately mine didn’t not come with a gum-stick battery, nor the power adapter. The AA battery pack is ugly, bulky and what troubled me the most is the constant fear that one day I might break it accidentally. It is just plastic with 2 tiny screws after all. So I bought E25.

Hooked. #sony #minidisc #vintage #puremusic

It was such a good decision, of getting an older device instead of those with 3-digit in the model numbers. Before buying it, I thought R90 sounds fantastic already (it is certainly way better than any iPod), but the sound of E25 just simply blew my mind.

One slight drawback is that E25 drains battery like crazy. I probably get 6 hours of playback from one 2000 mAh standard Eneloop, or 3-4 hours from one Eneloop Lite (1000 mAh rated capacity). I guess long-play wasn’t really a thing during the time it was launched.

Unlike R90’s read-and-rest mechanism, E25 spins the disc continuously throughout playback. The good side is, that the noise from disc movement inside the chamber is actually much less noticeable in E25 without having to periodically ON and OFF the motor.

Despite the continuous read-out, E25 is not “skip-free”. Jogging is not possible. I even have to restrain myself from climbing staircases too fast because it skips.

E25 can’t handle the last few minutes of 80-min disc well. 74-min plays with no problem.

The remote control can be also used on R90. Though not with the full functionalities, typical controls such as play, stop, volume, next and previous track works perfectly.


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2016.08.24 Minidisc




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2016.07.04 Beoplay A1

一个星期前,我站在 KaDeWe 五楼的 Bang & Olufsen 柜台前摆弄A1和S3很久,一直决定不下来买哪个。下面是我的思想斗争:
  • 音质:S3胜!谁说B&O技术不好的老子跟他急。S3估计挑我的客厅接功放的QUAD 11都没问题,而A1超过60%的音量后开始破音和失真。
  • 音源:A1胜,我买来主要是用来听internet radio的,需要声音稍微暖一点,但同时人声需要清晰。在默认的设置下S3的声音有点过暖了,A1刚好合适。
  • 便携:A1胜,出差可以带,郊游可以带,从厨房到客厅到浴室随手就走。S3虽说也可以搬来搬去,有条电线在那儿确实还是不方便。
  • 设计:A1胜,设计好做工好,爱不释手!S3比起来还是太有塑料感。
  • 价格:S3胜,Amazon.de上S3能便宜A1大概40欧。
  • 功能:A1胜,还可以当作Speaker Phone哦。
  • 电池:S3胜,我其实不喜欢带内置电池的音响。(A1:“怪我咯。”)
  • 时效:A1胜,可以立刻马上当场刷卡砍手,S3通过amazon.de买还要等几天。





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Full Album Music Streaming by DG, Awesome!!!!

I was reading a case about Naxos, which sparked my interests in classical music again. And for me, Deutsche Grammophone is just another name for Classical music.

They’ve got full album stream built right in their home page! The albums are all new as well!

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Possibility Unlimited

B&o has quietly updated their website pictures.

The presentation of their hifi system is really amazing: simple arrangement that emanates the philosophy of functionality, novelty and elegance.

Philip, you should also consider arranging  your BeoLab 400 this way.

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黄大炜: 让每个人都心碎
Cliff: 类似精选集,有些新的录音

听了最近周杰伦的摩羯座,歌还不错,但是杰伦的唱功实在是cannot make it,录音也很差,整个粗制滥造的感觉,自己糟蹋自己的东西。

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