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2018.09.07 管理和风筝




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2018.06.05 ‘a’ question

部门这段时间都在忙教材的事情,20/80原则耗费了我们大量的时间和精力。今天就碰到了一个有趣的问题,为什么字母 ‘a’ 的手写体和大多数字体是不同的?

这个问题要扯的话可以扯很远,简单的答案:学校里教的手写体通俗来说是为了快速书写(一笔完成不用提笔)而演变的不正规写法,写的人多了就渐渐变成标准。下图很有意思,一来说明了大部分时间 ‘a’ 的写法是历史主流,二来 uncial 写法的 ‘a’ 也说明了大小写之间的关系。




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2018.06.01 Keep Your Clients Informed




这当然不是我总结出来的,最近在 udemy 学习销售方面的课程,Grant Cardone 的讲解很容易产生共鸣,特别是那句 “People always believe what they see, not what they hear”,以此建议在销售的过程中尽量采用书面材料(合同)和真凭实据来赢得客户的信任。短期看来可以快速完成单笔交易提高销售效率,长期来说可以极大的降低客户的维护成本,防止后院起火的概率。


Credit: Learn to Sell Anything by Grant Cardone, Udemy.


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2018.05.17 Deeply Practical Project Management

I recently took a project management course from Udemy and that was indeed a very enlightening journey.

Deeply Practical Project Management

Before taking this course, I always had this ‘mis-conception’ about Project Management to be very dry, inflexible, and unpragmatic. So I purposely picked a course that is not exam-oriented. This course delivered what it promised (to be deeply practical) and totally changed my mind towards Project Management.

I could easily relate the contents of it to what actually happened in my past project management experiences. So often I spoke to myself “Gosh! If only I knew it earlier the result of that project could be quite different!”

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2018.05.14 Lean Management

1 year of streamlining the operations for the company I co-founded, I can totally related to what Mike talked in this 45-mins video.

Business process improvement isn’t just about putting the “best” process in your organisation, trust me more often than not it won’t work.

It is also about understanding your staff, coaching them, designing new process so that its benefits are visible and the slope of change is not too steep, and the most importantly, leading by example.

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2017.06.27 Auf Wiedersehen



“… no clear strategy, nor commitment to whatever shortlived ‘strategies’; making decent products is clearly not the top priority.”



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2017.04.20 Data Analytics and Optimization in Virtual Power Plant

Asking 10 Smart Energy guys what Virtual Power Plant is about, you will probably end up having 10 answers – all could be different but correct at the same time, seriously, legitimately, genuinely, correct.

To take the literal meaning of its name, VPP is just about having the power plants virtually displayed online. I am not a IT guy, I would guess there is nothing fancy about it. But that’s only the start of an entirely new evolution. What you do with the “digital copies” of the plants with all the “Big” data collected afterwards is in fact what defines virtual power plant. All kinds of the VPP derivatives, such as Asset Management, Demand Response, Micro-grid Management, Load Shedding, just to name a few, are the results coming out of this process. In here, Data Analytics and Optimization are 2 mostly used methodologies.

“Data Analytics” is less of a trouble to explain – anyone can bullshit in all sorts of directions and still manage to be right, it is simply too big a target to miss. Optimization, on the other hand, can be quite challenging to grasp its essence. It is often misunderstood, underestimated, or mixed up with the concept of Data Analytics. Don’t get me wrong: optimization is probably part of Data Science in academic terms thus shares the same umbrella with Data Analytics. But if we are to look at it in the perspectives of business use cases and project deliverables, I would rather distinguish these 2 terminologies right from the beginning.

It is quite difficult to explain with pure text, so I made a table here to help me doing comparison.


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