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2017.05.04 Life is Strange

Recent years have seen the release of a number of so called ‘interactive film’ games, in which gamer’s decisions affect the outcome of the gameplay.

My first game in this genre was ‘Heavy Rain’ back in 2015. It was quite a novel experience to me, but somehow it lacked the excitement of a conventional video game (allow me to label it this way for the lack of better term).

The second game, ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, produced by the same company Sony Entertainment, offered noticeable improvements in pretty much all aspects, especially the story-telling, though I would say it is still not a must-try.

My third game ‘Life is Strange’ by Square Enix takes the genre to a whole new level. I just completed it last night and my oh my… It is fantastic! The story is so well scripted, cinematics perfectly executed (by the gaming standard), and controlling well calibrated that I actually don’t mind to give it a second play through. I was able to enjoy it a lot more than the aforementioned 2 games because LiS somehow gave me the feeling that I was free to make decision, any decision, without needing to worry about potentially messing up the ‘true ending’. This level of freedom, in my hindsight, could only be the result of the pursuit of quality in every aspects of game design and production.

The only complaint, the conversation near the end of the game can be necessarily tedious. For this reason, I rate it 4.5 out of 5.


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2017.04.24 生化危机一代高清重制

2015年玩生化危机启示录一代时我就告诫自己,东西确实是好东西,可就是小心脏受不了这么大的折腾,直到一两年后的今天我还能感受到 “Mayday Mayday” 的恐怖感。可当上个月遇到 PS Plus 会免一代重制时,我又犯贱下载了。




Chris 一周目过关后的感想,一是打算过段时间再用 Jill 过二周目(剧情还有所不同),二是有机会一定要补齐其他几代。

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